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One of the many questions we receive from potential new clients is “Are your caregivers trained?” The answer is a resounding YES. As a new-hire, caregivers participate in reviewing our training manual called “Angels Wings” as we believe this information allows our caregivers to soar to new heights caring for our clients:

  • In the home – the greeting, making the bed, food preparation, table setting, refrigerator management, light housekeeping vs heavy housekeeping
  • Communication – our exclusive Client Home Journal, basic communication skills and for the visually and hearing impaired
  • Activities – every day household chores, games, current events, music, and more
  • Dementia – stages, behaviors and suggested strategies for better outcomes, dementia hints
  • Observation of your client – you are the client’s eyes and ears, what to look for in your client
  • Emergencies – when to call 911, what to do if your client goes to the ER, what to do if you the caregiver gets ill
  • Infection Control – hand washing, gloves, communicable diseases

In addition to the above, twice a year we host additional optional training on dementia. Though caregivers are not mandated to attend, they are well-attended. Caregivers have shared they find the sessions informative, they learn from each other and they enjoy getting everyone together.

Our presenter RN Celia Ortiz works part time at the VA NYS Veteran’s Home in Montrose and has over 50 years of nursing experience.

RN Cecilia leads a Dementia Seminar which covers the causes and stages of the disease as well as positive strategies for living with a loved one with dementia.  This seminar is open to client family members as well. The next scheduled Dementia Seminar is Sept 2017.

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