Always there

Companion Care In A Facility

While families can be part of that 24/7 coverage, many families aren’t available 24/7 due to responsibilities of work and childcare. Working closely together with many facilities in the area, we can provide day and overnight coverage with our caregivers staying by your loved one’s bedside as their personal companion and advocate.

Always care

Peace Of Mind

Clients can become anxious and confused in new surroundings when either admitted to the hospital or transitioning to their new home in a facility. Our caregivers can offer one-on-one conversation, do a word puzzle together, take the client to facility activities or outside for some fresh air helping to redirect them which results in more peace of mind for both the client and their families.

Always there

One-On-One Coverage

Facilities do all they can to provide a safe environment for your loved one, but it’s impossible for them to provide one-on-one coverage for all their patients/residents. Sometimes, families will be required to provide 24/7 coverage for their loved one to ensure their safety. For example, if the client has dementia, is a fall risk and continues to try to get out of bed or is a flight risk and wants to leave the facility and go home.

To guard and guide by your side…

always care, always there