A MOMENT IN TIME: LET’S LEARN, LAUGH, PLAY AND PRAY!™ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is A MOMENT IN TIME appropriate for the client?

Yes, each activity can be tailored to meet each client’s
interests, cognitive skills, and physical abilities. Each caregiver
should take the lead from encouraging their client to
participate, identifying their interests, and trying new things.
While the ideas are quick, simple, and doable, not all of the
activities will work for each client. Some folks love arts and
crafts, others not so much. But we like to think there is
something for everyone!
Skim the activities including links on the Activity Calendar
and explore together what intrigues you. Caregivers may
know their clients better than anyone. They will know how
to make this happen and how to modify to meet their
client’s abilities.
Find your client’s sweet spot – not too easy but at the same
time, not too di”cult. Don’t look at outcomes, achievements
or how well something is done. The goal is for the client to be
engaged and have more enjoyment in life. Please consider
each client’s dietary restrictions for suggested recipes.

What do you mean by Color of the Week?

Say for instance, this week is RED. Both the client and
caregiver should follow the color theme throughout the week
in as many ways as possible. Wear something RED. Draw
something RED. Make a meal that includes something RED.
Look for items in the house that are RED. Take a walk and
look for something RED – RED flowers, RED cars, etc.

Who pays for the supplies for the Arts & Crafts and Recipes?

Each monthly activity packet will include the crafts you need
for the month. We do ask that all families provide their own
crayons, colored pencils, paints, glue, three-hole puncher, and
construction paper. Any food items for the recipes will be
highlighted in purple for your individual purchase.

What about the Adventures?

Caregivers will deem outings appropriate for their clients
based on their client’s mobility and weather permitting.
Caregivers will prudently choose activities that are ideally
free or at a minimal cost. Should there be a cost associated
with an outing, clients are responsible for the cost of the
caregiver’s participation.

How do we have access to the program?

You can access the program on our company website. Ideally,
use the client’s desktop computer or iPad for a bigger screen
and better viewing. When not available, we ask caregivers to
use their cell phones only if they are comfortable doing so
and have unlimited data. You may need to request your
client’s Wi-Fi password for Internet access.