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What is it?
This is a FREE homebased activity program equipping caregivers to engage in fun and meaningful ideas with their clients.

Why do it?
Stimulating activities can enliven clients’ spirits, bring them joy and prevent them from developing depression while at the same time, lessen possible anxiety, agitation and anger. Our activities aim to:

Make them feel more engaged with life
Foster emotional connections with others
Stir memories and help them reminisce
Improve cognitive skills
Improve mobility
Connect with their Maker
Encourage self-expression
Help them feel productive
Simply have fun!

How does it work?
At the beginning of each month, a weekly themed activity program will be posted on the website celebrating the well-known and more obscure holidays and observations each month along with a few various topics.  Each week will include:

Color of the Week
Theme of the Week
Adventures, Arts and Crafts, and Meal Suggestions
Discussion Ideas including web links, online books and thought-provoking questions

Also posted on the website, you will find supplemental activities for the Mind, Body and Soul which we strongly encourage you to do weekly.  And there are even more activities from themed parties, car games, just for men, and snow fun for the ambitious caregiver and interested client.

Participating clients will receive their activity packets at the beginning of each current month containing all-inclusive craft kits or activity supplies via traditional mail or drop-off. Click on the links in the Activity Calendars and supplemental lists to see the full information about each activity. We anticipate you may have a few questions, so please check out FAQs, Helpful Hints and Remember Your ABCs.

Our goal, hope and vision
Designed to be easy to use, doable, interesting and fun, our goal is to give our caregivers everything they need to be successful. Our hope is caregivers and clients get up each day looking forward to a special activity with a plan now in their hands and excitement in their hearts. This isn’t just about making homemade applesauce and birdfeeders but memories too! And for those clients who may forget today what they did yesterday, we hope for “a moment in time” it will bring them joy.

We want to hear from you!
Like any new program, there will be room for improvement and enhancement.  We would love to hear from you and ask that you let us know how things are going.  Please either call the office or send a message through Caregiver Feedback.  Thank you for participating, remember to have fun, and let’s learn, laugh, play and pray!

Serving with love and appreciation,

Roberta Velichko
Co-Founder and President