Fruit Of The Month

As Louie Armstrong said, “Grab your coat and grab your hat! Leave your worries on the doorstep. Just direct your feet, to the sunny side of the street!” There is often a general misconception that joy and happiness are one in the same thing…but what really is the difference?

Happiness is something situational and joy is giving yourself permission and access to a deeper feeling connected to something beyond ourselves. Being joyful can be a part of who you are… a fruit of the Holy Spirit! And it is ever so important to bring your joy to your clients.

There is a client that I will call regularly on the phone and every conversation they ask how I am and how is my family. In reality, I might have a headache that day, maybe my neck hurts or I couldn’t sleep the night before, and let’s be honest, everyone always has some drama happening with someone in their family. (If only everyone could behave!) But with every conversation, I say that everything in my personal life is wonderful, and I’ll redirect her saying that the mailman was late in the morning or they were out of my favorite brand of bread at the store earlier! I share a rather unimportant, petty problem rather than what my real concerns are in my life. She really cares about me, and if I share a real problem, SHE might not sleep that night with anxiety being worried!

My job is to alleviate stress and anxiety for our clients – not add more to their plate. So, like Louie Armstrong, leave your worries on the doorstep. Be the highlight and pinnacle of joy for their day…not the hourly drama leaving them concerned for your wellbeing after you leave…they can watch Doctor Phil or Jerry Springer reruns for that crazy entertainment!

We can be joyful with the gentle reminder that all things happening in our life happen for a reason and that there is a plan. The ride is taking us to a destination and yes, sometimes there are high points and sometimes there are low points. But things could always be worse…so enjoy the ride and take in all the views!

Happiness is situational and joy is a choice. Just direct your feet, to the sunny side of the street!

Many Blessings,
Stephen Velichko, Director of Operations