Safe Driving For Seniors

Putnam Hospital Center’s Safe Driving for Seniors Program

Senior motorists may have been driving for decades, but safely navigating today’s roadways could be more challenging than when they first took the wheel. This is why Putnam Hospital Center and the Putnam Count Office for the Aging are co-sponsoring the AARP Driver Safety Program.

This eight-hour refresher course reviews New York State driver regulations and includes a self-assessment of age-related changes that may affect driving ability. Completion of the course entitles drivers to a 10-percent discount on liability and collision insurance premiums, as well as a reduction of up to four points off an individual’s driving record.

Attendees must be 50 years of age or older, but need not be a member of AARP. The AARP Driver Safety Program is held several times each year, and registration is required. For more information or to sign up, call 845-808-1700.

Burke Rehabilitation Driver Evaluation Program

Individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities; including age-related deficits who would like to start or resume driving may take advantage of Burke’s Driver Evaluation Program. A licensed occupational therapist administers tests that measure necessary driving skills to determine if someone can drive safely. For more information, please call (914) 597-2326.

Helen Hayes Hospital’s Adapted Driving Program

The Adapted Driving Program, a service provided by occupational therapists, is designed for individuals who have physical or cognitive problems that may affect their ability to drive safely. The program is available to licensed drivers who have suffered a neurological event such as a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, MS, or dementia or who have orthopedic issues that interfere with driving, including limb amputation.

All candidates for adapted driving must have medical clearance from a physician and a valid driver’s license before entering the program. All evaluations are completed by an occupational therapist experienced in driver rehabilitation. The service begins with a pre-driving assessment of your potential to be a safe driver. On the successful completion of the assessment, the therapist provides an on-the-road evaluation in a specially modified full-size car. For individuals who will require adaptive devices in order to drive, one-on-one driver training is provided specifically on how to use this equipment. These sessions are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. After successfully completing the program, the therapist will refer you to the Department of Motor Vehicles for final approval to drive.

For information on the Adapted Driving Program, including evaluation/training fees or to schedule an appointment, call 845-786 4306 or 1-800-70REHAB ext. 4306.